Before And After Pics Show You What A Kitchen Can Be

Here is something really cool. You can now see how cabinet professionals can totally transform a drab kitchen into a masterpiece. It happens right before your eyes with just one click of the mouse! This is a gallery of before and after pictures for a cabinet company. It shows an ordinary-looking kitchen, and when you click on the arrows at either side of the picture, it shows you what it looks like after the cabinet pros are done with it. The changes are truly amazing. How can this help you? First of all, when you look at the “after” picture,…

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Ritz Towers

You know you have made it if you live in The Ritz Towers of Sarasota. These classy condos are some of the best around – and one of the residents chose the best cabinet company around to revamp their bathroom, kitchen and library! Our client was looking for a unique cabinet design that would last a lifetime, so that is exactly what we gave them. Just look at these pictures and you will see the detail and craftsmanship that went into these designs. We are very proud of these cabinets, but most importantly, we are even more proud that our…

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Tangerine Bay on Longboat Key

The condos in the Tangerine Bay Club on Longboat Key are known for their luxurious prestige. In our recent client’s condo, we wanted to ensure that this trend was magnified in a way that was both modern and cutting edge. As you can see in these beautiful photos, we were successful and, most importantly, our client is very happy! Both the kitchen and the bathroom in this home were transformed into an oasis fit for a king…or a Eurotech client!

Grand Bay on Longboat Key

Grand Bay is one of the premier places to call home on Longboat Key of Sarasota. Recently, our talented team created some of the most gorgeous cabinets that you will find in all of Grand Bay. The kitchen, bathroom and bedroom of this home were transformed for our client and we are glad to report that they couldn’t be happier. Now, this already classy condo has received the modern upgrades it deserves – making it more beautiful than ever.

Cut Back On Your Cutlery reveals that the most comprehensive knife set on offer is a 37-piece monstrosity available for the exclusive, special-offer price of just $3,499.95. Is this a serious product? Does anyone really buy these? The manufacturer actually has the audacity to call this a “classic” knife set…and why wouldn’t they? After all, who could forget grandma’s old-world mastery of the 6.5-inch full tang panini knife? Just as $100 designer yoga pants won’t help you master the Warrior II pose, an extravagant cutlery set won’t make you a better chef. Virtually any home chef would be better off sticking with the three…

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Non-traditional countertop materials trending in Europe

For years, granite has been the go-to material for high-end countertops. Despite its expense, weight, and ubiquity, it still remains the countertop of choice. There was a variety of granite alternatives on display at the EuroCucina 2014 trade show this year in Milan, Italy, ranging from stainless steel to tempered glass, from ceramic to wood.  If you’re trying to steer clear of traditional countertop selections like granite, marble, quartz, or synthetic solid surfaces, the number of stylish alternatives continues to grow. Tempered Glass Glass countertops made an appearance at EuroCucina 2014. The thick, translucent material is tough and has a…

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Adding Style and Value to the Home with Custom Cabinets

New custom cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom are the ideal way to ramp up style in a home, create an updated look and add some positive payback value for when it’s time to put your home on the market. According to realtors, stylish kitchens and baths are what potential buyers are looking for. Even if you don’t plan to sell your home in the near future, you’ll have years to enjoy the new look with custom cabinets. Creating Picture-Perfect Kitchen Custom Cabinets Even if you’re not a professional chef, you can have custom cabinets designed with a chef-inspired style…

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What Type Of Wood Is Right For Your Kitchen?

When you’re choosing new cabinetry for your kitchen, selecting the right kind of wood is crucial. Questions you must ask yourself include: what color wood will look best in the space, with your countertops and flooring? Do you plan to paint your cabinets? What type of grain and texture do you prefer? Before you can make these decisions, you need to know what options are available to you. Maple Our most popular wood, maple features delicate and attractive grains, with swirls that become more pronounced with darker stains. Naturally a light wood, maple accepts stains of nearly any hue, and…

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Six Gorgeous Hardwood Species for Your Custom Cabinets

Whether you are shopping for custom cabinetry for your kitchen, bath or even new built-ins for your home office, be sure to check out some of the gorgeous hardwoods we offer. With unique grain patterns and a variety of ways to stain and finish them, you can find the perfect custom cabinets for your home.  Maple Quilted maple, curly maple, birdseye maple – these are just a few examples of figured maple patterns that can make gorgeous custom cabinets. Birdseye maple is a rare pattern that occurs in less than one percent of all sugar maple trees. It’s characterized by…

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Custom Cabinets – How Can They Increase Your Home’s Value

Cabinets are the most important part of your kitchen. They demand the most attention from you, as they have the power to increase your home’s value. Adding greater value to a home is what most homeowner’s desire. Although nearly every room of the house consists of cabinets, we fail to notice their importance. Most of the times instead of viewing them as an investment, which adds greater value to a home, they are often seen as a huge expense. Every time you think of remodeling your kitchen, this expense hangs over you like a sharp dagger. With proper planning, these…

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