Since 1984, Eurotech Cabinetry has been providing both traditional and contemporary cabinetry designs to a very discerning clientele. Beginning in 1996, Eurotech Cabinetry enlisted Artcraft Kitchens to augment their contemporary offerings by becoming the one source for Artcraft Kitchens in Sarasota. While very “European” looking, Artcraft differs from the better-known German and Italian cabinet importers by offering truly custom cabinetry. Unlike the European importers, Artcraft Kitchens does not limit their offerings to those listed in their catalogue but will manufacture their cabinetry in any size, shape, color and finish. This flexibility enables Eurotech’s designers to do with Artcraft Kitchens cabinetry what they do best – design cabinetry for our clients around what our clients like and need, not around a manufacturer’s “stock” or “standard” list of offerings. Artcraft Kitchens utilizes select hardwoods and the finest quality veneers to produce one of North America’s highest quality cabinetry lines. Their list of popular and exotic veneers is quite extensive and includes, but is not limited to, maple, cherry, oak (both red and white), ash, hickory, cypress, mahogany, anigre, zebrawood, english sycamore, tay, satinwood, bird’s eye maple, curly maple, purple heart, lacewood and pearwood. In addition, ArtCraft now offers a complete line of textured/wood grain Melamine doors with the look and feel of real wood, but with a more competitive price. Artcraft’s attention to detail and advanced millwork technologies make their cabinetry a perfect addition to Eurotech’s line up of fine wood offerings. Artcraft Kitchens provides a higher quality, more custom product than the European importers for a more competitive price. Now that’s value!!!!!!!


Eurotech Cabinetry has created an exceptional reputation in Sarasota, FL since 1984 by consistently providing the highest quality cabinetry and service available in the area. For those discerning homeowners who demand nothing but the very best, AMERICAN ESTATE by Eurotech is your source for furniture grade cabinetry for your kitchen, bath or custom furniture needs. Unparalleled in construction, fit and finish, AMERICAN ESTATE represents an investment in quality and unsurpassed lifestyle.

AMERICAN ESTATE will help you realize your ultimate dream home. Hundreds of standard door style combinations are available as well as custom door designs unique to your project. With literally hundreds of standard finishes and special effects including various levels of distressing, dry brushing, wear-thru, cow-tailing, wormholes, etc. to choose from, you’re certain to find just the right look. If not, custom finishes, stains, paints, glazing, etc. are no problem for our talented and experienced finish artisans. We can even incorporate unique surfacing materials such as glass, grass cloth and metals to create one-of-a-kind expressions of your hearts desire.

More than just great cabinetmakers, AMERICAN ESTATE is fabricated by true craftsmen utilizing only the finest select hardwoods and veneers. Hardwood choices include, but are not limited to, alder, ash, cherry, cypress, hickory, mahogany, maple, oak (both red and white), pine, heart pine and teak. Fine veneer options include all of the above as well as exotic veneers such as anigre, bird’s eye maple, English sycamore, lacewood, macassar ebony, pearwood, purpleheart, satinwood, zebrawood and numerous others. While adhering to age old values of quality, the state of the art plant has demonstrated its commitment to environmental practices and sustainability by earning Environmental Stewardship Program certification through the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing Association (KCMA).

Whether you desire a particular period style, a tailored transitional aesthetic or sleek contemporary look, AMERICAN ESTATE is the cabinet of choice for those with the desire and means to enjoy the ultimate in heirloom-quality cabinetry.