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Six Gorgeous Hardwood Species for Your Custom Cabinets

Whether you are shopping for custom cabinetry for your kitchen, bath or even new built-ins for your home office, be sure to check out some of the gorgeous hardwoods we offer. With unique grain patterns and a variety of ways to stain and finish them, you can find the perfect custom cabinets for your home.  Maple Quilted maple, curly maple, birdseye maple – these are just a few examples of figured maple patterns that can make gorgeous custom cabinets. Birdseye maple is a rare pattern that occurs in less than one percent of all sugar maple trees. It’s characterized by…

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Saraota Cabinets – Before And After Cabinet Shots Let You Imagine The Results

This site has a wonderful new feature – before and after pictures that show you what this company can do to your kitchen. These pictures show such a dramatic improvement that you can’t even tell it’s the same room. You may find yourself clicking back and forth several times thinking it’s a mistake! It’s no mistake. The company has added this feature so that you can see exactly what they do. Here’s how it works: The site shows a photograph of a drab, ordinary but not-too-bad kitchen and dining room. When you click on either arrow at the bottom of…

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