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Do’s and Don’ts of Kitchen Design

This article has lessons from kitchen designers who have seen all kinds of design disasters. From excessive use of steel to faulty cabinetry, these designers can tell a monstrosity when they see one. Do: Include at least one creative or fun element in the entire design. Don’t: Make the design boring just because it’s the kitchen. Designer Mick De Giulio is reputed to treat each project as a creative adventure. He transformed an old Illinois barn into a kitchen. He converted the existing three horse stalls into storage, washing and cooking areas. A stovepipe on the hood of the cooking…

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Saraota Cabinets – Before And After Cabinet Shots Let You Imagine The Results

This site has a wonderful new feature – before and after pictures that show you what this company can do to your kitchen. These pictures show such a dramatic improvement that you can’t even tell it’s the same room. You may find yourself clicking back and forth several times thinking it’s a mistake! It’s no mistake. The company has added this feature so that you can see exactly what they do. Here’s how it works: The site shows a photograph of a drab, ordinary but not-too-bad kitchen and dining room. When you click on either arrow at the bottom of…

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Eurotech Cabinetry, Inc.

Sarasota Cabinets Eurotech Cabinetry,Inc. AND GIBRALTAR HOMES We installed cabinetry in Gibraltar Homes’ “Valderama” model at the “The Concession” in Lakewood Ranch. We are were excited about this project as, we have been working on it with Gibraltar’s in-house designers and architect for about one year. We were confident that the final project will be magnificent. We used our Cuisines Laurier line of custom cabinetry in the kitchen, butler’s pantry and master bath. The built-ins in the family room and study is also from Cuisines Laurier. The cabinetry in three more baths and the laundry room is our most competitively priced custom line, Executive Kitchens.…

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