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Sarasota Kitchen Remodeling – Before And After Pictures Show You What Can Be Done

Here is a wonderful feature added to the Eurotech Cabinetry website. It shows you exactly what they can do to turn a drab room into something elegant and unique. They’ve added this new “before and after” gallery that lets you see the transformation and its results. The first image is of a nice, spacious but incredibly drab kitchen dining room. Everything has a dull cream color and it has a simple design – four wicker chairs sit around a glass-topped table. It looks like an ordinary room in any home where people would sit down to a meal; but it…

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Sarasota Kitchen Trends WHAT’S HOT / WHAT’S NOT As with any industry, the popularity of materials and styles grows and wanes over time. As we publish this newsletter, here’s what’s hot and what’s not: WOOD SPECIES Exotic veneers are still very popular in kitchen and bath designs. We are doing a lot of work with Rift-Cut White Oak, Figured Maple and Quilted Maple. We continue to see an increase in Cherry, and while Flat Cut Maple is still quite strong, clients are beginning to look for something a bit different. A good alternative to Maple is Alder. Alder’s coloring is…

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