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Ten Tips You Must Know for Kitchen Design

Following is advice for DIY enthusiasts from design and remodeling experts. Plan beforehand: Always prioritize function when remodeling a kitchen. There are no ideal shapes for kitchens. No matter what the layout or shape of your kitchen, ‘the work triangle’ (sink, stove and fridge) should be as close to equilateral as possible. This will make movement easier for any purpose while in the kitchen. Keep storage in mind: Many people do not account for storage while planning a new kitchen. You should utilize every inch of your kitchen for storage, rather than leaving walls vacant which will eventually just gather…

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Planning your kitchen? Here’s how you should do it

Designing the perfect kitchen is very important since prospective buyers will look for its improvement as the very first thing. The layout should be right You should begin by evaluating your space, measuring it and then creating a precise floor plan. The layout of your kitchen will depend on the space you have available, but make note of the following before visiting a kitchen designer. Is changing the current layout an option? There is no need to stick to the old layout if you are taking down the units installed earlier. But, if the space is limited, you may have…

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